Christopher D.C. Allen, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Cardiovascular Research Institute
Department of Anatomy
Sandler Asthma Basic Research Center

CVRI Box 3122
555 Mission Bay Blvd S.
San Francisco, CA 94143

Tel: 415-476-5178

Dr. Allen is an Investigator of the Cardiovascular Research Institute and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Anatomy at UCSF. He completed his B.S. in Biology at MIT, and then his Ph.D. at UCSF in the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program in the laboratory of Jason Cyster, with the support of a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Predoctoral Fellowship. Dr. Allen was then selected as the first Sandler-Newman Foundation UCSF Fellow in Asthma Research, giving him the opportunity to attain principal investigator status and to develop an independent research program in asthma immediately after obtaining his Ph.D. He was then recruited into a tenure-track Assistant Professor position in the Smith Cardiovascular Research Building on the UCSF Mission Bay campus and promoted to Associate Professor in 2018.

Dr. Allen’s research in the SABRE center focuses on the cellular immune response in asthma. He is using his expertise in cutting-edge two-photon microscopy to visualize interactions among cells in the lungs as well as in lymphoid organs that ‘prime’ cells for immune responses in the respiratory tract. A particular emphasis of his research is on the development and function of IgE antibodies that contribute to allergic responses. IgE has been shown to be important in human asthma, yet little is known about the events leading to IgE production after inhaling allergen. The major goals of the research are to:

  1. Develop innovative new mouse models of asthma that will be useful for studies of IgE antibody responses to inhaled allergens.
  2. Define the early events leading to allergic sensitization and IgE antibody production after inhalation of allergen.
  3. Characterize the interactions among inflammatory cells in the lung in asthma and define the features of the microenvironments in which these interactions occur.
Selected Publications:
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